I’ve decided to talk about women’s right to choose. In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen’s most famous novel, it can be found as a choice of marriage. 

In fact, the author shows in her novel a different view about love and women. 

Women, during the 18th century, didn’t have much choice. They were often forced to marry without actually choosing the lover. Jane Austen never got married because she didn’t want to, but not all women were like her. 

In the book Elizabeth Bennet, initially she doesn’t want to marry Darcy. She plays the character of the independent woman. In fact, she thought she doesn’t need marriage. But you know you don’t choose who you love or how you do it, you just love. 

Pride and Prejudice is not a novel for everyone. It is a love story with strong emotions and current themes. The author has a different point of view about love than her contemporary authors, and that is why it is a novel that you either love or hate. The most common mistake is to think that this masterpiece is trivial, in my opinion it is wrong. It isn’t a simple story because it teaches you some values that we sometimes take for granted such as the right to choose. 

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